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4 ways you will benefit from having a Mentor

Do you wonder about having quality friendships? Well since we love to FRIEND FIX, we decided to dissect the article over 3 episodes of Sweet Tea and Sunshine. In the article, 9 signs that you don’t have quality friendships, the first 3 topics discussed on this weeks podcast.

***Disclaimer this will not apply to all of your friendships.*****

If you agree with all of the 9 items discussed about all of your friends then it may be time for a FRIEND FIX!!!

1. You are always doing the initiating

If you are always trying to make things happen with this particular friend. Kisha sheds light on why that friend wouldn’t always reciprocate this activity. Sharifa shares that if you are invited to do something by a friend, its important to try to make it a priority to say yes. You may get moved out of the friend circle.

2. You feel like your friendship is an emotional roller-coaster

If you have to prep yourself prior to hanging with that friend it may be a toxic relationship. Or if you are constantly dumping your problems on that friend you could be a toxic friend.

3. Your friend only reaches out when they need something.

Even if your friend has a ton of connections, be careful with how you utilize that resource as a friend. Keep personal friendships sacred and don’t abuse their abilities. Also pay attention to the times that you are reaching out to some specific friends. What do you give to the relationship?

Stay tuned to more of our episodes where we look further into this article!


Is there an age limit on mentorships? Does your mentor need to be specific to your profession? Why do you need a mentor?

The benefits of having a mentor:

1. Mentors can be found in various fields of interest, life, professionalism and growth.

2. They can be used to help give advice in an area that they have experienced.

3. It can go both ways, a mentee and a mentor both pour into each other through exchanges in a unique relationship.

4. It is a serious relationship that should not be taken for granted, not to be confused with another friendship.

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