• Sharifa Ned

Holiday Gifting Rules

If you work away from home there is always going to be that time of the year where you don't know how to navigate the holidays. First of all, holidays are mostly for family so when we try to fuse the workplace into that sacred ground, please proceed with caution. We present to you a list of the best generic gifts that leave your recipient feeling both appreciated and comfortable:

1. Fuzzy socks- they are the most appropriate underwear available. Nothing says relaxation like a pair of fuzzy socks. Feel free to combine this gift with anything to create a basket type feel. Put them in a mug with mints, hot cocoa packets or microwavable popcorn and let it be a true "chill" gift.

2. Gourmet Popcorn- Cheese, Caramel and Butter section? Yes its a hit. Even if your person hates popcorn they can always share it with out of town visitors throughout the holidays! Everyone wins!

3. A gift card- LISTEN CARFULLY! You can not go wrong with a gift card. But there are levels to this. Take notes:

1st Place- Starbucks (even if they don't like Starbucks they can easily re-gift.

2nd Place- Movies (make sure that the brand is near the recipients location but lets be honest the movies are requiring a credit check to apply these days so it will be used wisely.

3rd Place- Bath and Body Works (it will be used, this is the most acceptable type of intimate use items possible.

4th Place- Target gift card. Not to be confused with the Walmart card.... for some reason the former is a gift and the latter is a charity case.

5th Place- If all else fails get a Visa Gift Card or an Amazon Card. Don't believe the hype about money gifts being an insult. Now days gift cards are a hot commodity! Don't shy away from them just because your grandmother said it was in bad taste.

4. The last type of gift says, "I like you but its not that serious" the family photo holiday card. People collect and love these. Do not underestimate the power of personalization. A hand-written card and family does something to me every time.

So the whole idea is to keep it general without making it in planned. Don't take co-worker gifts so seriously because honestly, no one is really looking for a MAJOR awesome type gift that will blow your top off. At least not from a coworker. Like I said in the podcast, keep it simple and remember the reason for the season.

Happy Holidays!

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