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A VIBE TRIBE is a group of people that support your energy. It would be reaching to say that they are always there to lift you up. Sometimes they are there just to listen. The best role that they play is to prevent you from making crazy decisions, statements and/or outbursts. While you may have these types of people scattered in various areas of your life, we have discovered that they are most valuable at the workplace. Particularly if you are an educator. Your VIBE TRIBE can be the difference between a teacher leaving the profession or staying to figure it all out.

vibe- (noun) a person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

If you do not have a VIBE TRIBE here are 3 things that you can do to find or figure out how to get one.

1. Think about what makes you gravitate towards a specific type of person.

If you are constantly thinking in your mind "yes, what ____________ said makes so much sense". they may be someone you would need in your VIBE TRIBE. The key here is to be able to listen. Sometimes people are constantly talking and never stopping to listen. The power in listening and observing is that you have the opportunity to test your own vibe.

2. Look for the people that have solutions.

You can find a ton of people at you workplace who can see problems, but there are very few who try to provide solutions. Those are your goldmine VIBE TRIBE folks. Have you ever been at a happy hour and suddenly someone says "can we talk about anything but our kids?" that person is trying to focus on other things because they know that staying in that place can lead to a total negativity dump. Now we aren't saying that there isn't a time and place to discus issues, but the goal should always be to focus on the solution while identifying the problem. If all your people are doing is whining about their circumstances, then we can assure you that the vibe is not ready for a tribe.

3. Is that person positive?

Before you can determine if someone is positive, it is important to gauge your own positivity level. Nothing's wrong with a little bit of shade every once in a while but are you being realistic about your own vibe. Positive people naturally attract positive people. If you are only attracting negativity, what can that say about you? Put out what you seek and it will come back to you ten fold!

Now that was fun! We are positive that a few people have come to mind. Go toward them and claim them as your VIBE TRIBE. Thank us later for the joy and security that they bring to your workplace!!!

If your can't find anyone in your building, you always have us Sweet Tea and Sunshine!!!!

Listen to us weekly for your Friend Fix and Vibe Tribe community!

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