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Don't Crash!

Mom: " How have you been?"

Me: "Tired"

Mom: "Well you don't have to rush out, let's sit for a minute"

Me: *goes into panic mode*

People are so busy!!!! Being a mother with a full time job and a few side hustles can take its toll.

It is so important to pay attention to a few things before you become under the weather, become so stressed that you are at wits end or heaven forbid, irreversibly hurt yourself or a loved one. We have composed a list of five questions for you to ask yourself that we (Sweet Tea and Sunshine) use to identify when it's time to SLOW DOWN! These are also great ways to help your friends do the same:

1. When is the last time you took a self care appointment?

- you may not be a beauty queen or have a standing appointment for your hair, but what about something that involves someone doing something for you.

2. Am I exercising?

- Often the first thing to take a back seat is moving our bodies. We spend so much time and energy being busy that we feel there is no room for a good workout. Yes, its true that you feel much better when we are working out and we get more energy. We think most of us know that already yet still get caught up in the busy body dance.

3. When is the last time that I just took an evening to chill out?

- During the week there is a certain rat race that can set the tone for your life. Working a full time job and owning several businesses, sometimes it is hard to take a pause and chill. If you absolutely have to bring your work home, set a timer so that you have a finish time. Also designate one night a week to just veg out. Trust us, it means so much more than you think!!

4. Do I have friends that I can call?

- If you haven't checked in to other peoples lives in a minute, it may be a warning sign. Humans were put here to feed off of each others energy. Now, honestly do your friends even know that you care about them or that your life has been so crazy, but you still love them?

5. When is the last time that you laughed loud and long?

- Laughter is an indicator of joy. How is your Joy-meter doing? We make it a point to find a chance to laugh and let loose. Be it with your friends, co-workers or spouse, make it happen. If not daily at least once a week.

If you find yourself not knowing the last time that you have participated in any of these activities, then that is our challenge to you. SLOW DOWN and enjoy what life has to offer.

Listen to our podcast and help us weigh in on our Slow Down Episode!!


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