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New Plans New Year

Its the New Year and everyone is announcing the things that they are changing. The Largest Reset Button ever!!!! Each year we announce all of the things that will make the new year better. But looming question is this:

How will you follow through with your promise? Here are some tips on ways to make minimal changes right now.

1. Get a word for the year.

By choosing a word your mind will be reminded and look for things associated with that word. Some ways to keep that word in the forefront of your life as mentioned in the New Year New Word podcast episode is to make it your password for all of your social media. Use that word in all of the #hashtags that you use. Search for the word and gain inspiration through how other peoples use of the word. Have fun with it, I have even heard of people making a statement tee shirt with just that word and wearing it as a reminder.

2. Plan on attending a vision board party that is later in the year. This action alone encourages a year long obligation that is not related to the new year dump. I know that you are ready for a change but people who start making moves after New Years Day actually are doing it out of a more intrinsic motivation.

3. Make minor changes to your style. Commit to taking chances and see where they take you. Invest in a small statement necklace or bracelet that makes you feel great. This may sound crazy but it will remind you of your personal greatness every time you wear it.

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