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Can they kick it?

With spring break quickly approaching, you have either thought about who you will ask to come along on your beach trip, or the verdict is still out. Who you take with you can either make or break your entire vacation. Here are a few things to consider when making your choices. Don't forget to listen to our shameless banter about our trip!!!

1. Team Player- Your travel compadres definitely need to be a team player. What I mean by that is the people you choose should be unselfish and definitely consider the good of the group. If you are a team player, you will still go to the restaurant even if it isn’t your favorite; even if you hate the burning sun at the beach, you will get your cool drink and rent an umbrella. To sum it all up, you will not ruin the group’s fun because of your own selfish needs. Note: This means that you will want to invite friends who are low maintenance. We left our kids behind for a reason. I am not going on vacation to cater to adults.

2. Open Minded- That leads to the next trait: being open-minded and willing to try new things. If you know that you are more reserved by nature, you may want to bring along that friend who fears nothing! You will be more likely to be adventurous and do things that you might not normally do, like climb Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica for fear that he or she might clown you if you don’t. A little peer pressure can turn into a really good time!!!!!

3. Financially Able- You must invite friends who will be honest about whether or not they can afford to go. Otherwise, if they come along because you asked them to come, you may find yourself in a situation where you will be footing the bill or dealing with an attitude for the entire trip. Both of those equals no fun.


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