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You NEED Girlfriends

Growing up I was always taught to value the female relationships in my life. Surrounded by friends who thought our lives would end if we got off of the phone with them. This was before and during the introduction to the male population as a significant focal point in my life.

As time went on, I began to see a pattern between friends who “don’t have many female friends” and why they say those things.

“me and other ladies just don’t get along”.

“ I have never had many female friends”.

“Most or my friends are guys, less DRAMA”.

All of these statements seemed odd to me a first, the sorority girl, volleyball team captain in college. A small amount of these ladies grew up as tomboys’ so I could understand that it was a comfort thing. But the others who threw those phrases around seemed to be teaching me and my crew a lesson.

At first it was ignored, and the friendship continued to blossom because, of course she was talking to the worlds’ best friend here, surely she will adore me and her mind will be changed forever.

Next, you become aware that no matter what you do, she wants to continue to point out others’ shortcomings. Almost like she is waiting for each person to be revealed as a fraud, liar or drama queen so that she could clearly say, “See this is why I don’t mess with FEMALES”!

SO in my years of living I have learned to not run from “Girls who don’t have female friends”, but to just love on them. At some point in their experiences, they have developed this phrase as a defense mechanism to ward off any potential issues that may come up in the friendship. I almost think this is the same girl as the “I just keep it real” girl, who uses that phrase to be rude and disrespectful.

I want to encourage all women to receive and pursue authentic relationships that could obliterate the notion of #NoNewFriends because if I bought into that idea, there would be no Sweet Tea and Sunshine along with many other meaningful relationships that helped change the trajectory of my entire life. If you don't know where to start, why not attend one of our Friend Fix events to meet some trully genuine ladies who continue to show love regardless of where you are in this "Girls-Girl Walk".....

How do you feel about having more male friends than female friends?

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