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Box Out Comparison

Have you ever felt that pang of jealously and began to beat yourself up about the place you have found yourself? You could have woken up and felt great until BAM you scroll upon someone “living their best life” and immediately get hit with the comparison bug. It is human nature (especially with the social media era ever dooming) to compare. Even the most successful people look at other peoples successes and either get motivated to work harder or beat themselves up for not doing enough. Here are 3 ways to deal with comparison and turn it into motivation:

  1. Remind yourself that there is no one in the world like you. This is the first and foremost rule of combatting comparison. Even identical twins have something different to offer the world. We were created to contribute to the world in our own unique way. Guess what? The people that you come into contact with need you to be the person you are. Everyone else is taken, everyone elses’ ideas may be similar but it it totally impossible for them to be identical or even reach the exact same audience. When you finally realize that what you have to offer is unique and only you can create it, your inner self confidence will tell that doubt to move to the side.

2. Ask yourself “What can I learn about myself at this moment”.

There is nothing wrong with recognizing that you are falling into a comparison pit. It does help to have a friend who can call “REBUKE” and move you to a better place. But if that friend doesn’t exist, then check out our episode on friends to start building your #VIBETRIBE to surround yourself with positivity. Reflect through reading inspirational pieces, or journalling. More importantly, unplug for a minute from the internet. This will really turn the focus away from external agitators to what really matters. By asking yourself what you can learn, you start to acknowledge possibly, that there is work to do on yourself.

3. Get to work!

If you don’t like where you are, or the progress that you are making, get to work.. This is said from love but, the reason you are hit with the comparison bug is because you have time to compare. If you reflect on that truth you probably can’t think of a time where you were making moves and everything is falling into place but you pause and think about the next person. If this is a chronic problem, its probably important that you start back at number 1 and work your way through this short list again.

Remember, we are all human and it is natural to have comparison thoughts. But when you let them linger without a plan to change your position, it can be a very dangerous game. Immediately refocus your mind, energy and time to a more productive mode. The more you practice this, the better equip you will be when you are caught off guard by that stunning summer body photo that your bestie posted!!!

We leave you with an amazing quote by the famous poet/artist Luther Campbell: “Don’t stop get it, get it”. Lets get to work!!!! Don't forget to check out the podcast to hear our own experiences with comparison and so much more!

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