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November 21, 2017

Sometimes teachers hide from discussing what they can not do. Avoiding emails and eye contact hoping that the problem will go away. Sometimes its just easier to let your administrator know (in a solution-based manner) that you are overwhelmed and could not get it done.

The Top 5 Theory

A great administrator once said get your TOP 5 things that you will get done completed. If the thing that is being required of you is not on your top 5 for that day, then put it on the list for the next day.  LISTEN it is alright to admit that you could not get to it. If you are able to take a step back and determine if this task will change the fate of your job position, most of the time it won't get you the pink slip. Especially for those of you who are consistently getting things done. Give yourself some grace and don't sweat the details as much. 


Take a listen to the latest podcast episode and don't let minor tasks dull your shine!!! 





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